Weizmann Institute of Science ranked seventh in top ERC Grants

The Weizmann Institute of Science is ranked seventh in Europe – and first in Israel – for the total number of research grants obtained from the European Research Council (ERC), for the years 2007-2019.

With over 10,000 research projects supported in 34 countries, the ERC spends billions of euros supporting scientific research each year. The grants awarded by the ERC are important funding instruments for research projects and their institutes. Due to the competitive nature of the science community, ERC grants can act as indicators of an institute’s scientific excellence.

The ERC is a major supporter of the basic research performed at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Institute is highly successful in obtaining ERC grants even with the competitive nature around them.

 “Our success in this arena for many years is one of the contributing factors to the outstanding research accomplishments at the Weizmann Institute of Science,” says Institute President Prof. Alon Chen. “Our high success rate in the categories for young researchers is especially encouraging, and it points to a promising future for the Institute.”

(Source: Weizmann Wonder Wander, 22.06.2020)